Monthly Archive: January 2015

My first blog post

This is a blog about casino gambling, a hobby that I share with thousands of people around the world! In this blog I will share my best tips, tell funny casino stories and write about my favourite games. I hope you will find it worth reading!

Gambling has a long history, and people have probably always been gambling in one way or another. Most of us do also gamble on a regular basis, we make a bet with a friend about things, challenge each other with money at stake and so on. It really seems that we humans like to gamble! And with that in mind it´s not that odd that there´s a huge range of casino websites on the Internet that compete for customers.

For about six months ago I became one of these customers when I signed up at an online casino. Since then I have learned a lot about casino games and the casino buisness and in this blog I also want to share my experiences and thoughts about gambling with you.

Today the casino market really is the customers paradise. There´s a number of different casinos to choose amongst and there are many more casino games to botanize among. In other words that means you have a good chance to find both a casino that suites you and a casino game that you really like.

For me personally roulette is one of my absolute favourite game, but I also love a few slot machines. One of them is Jack and the Beanstalk, based on the fairytale with the same name. But more about this and other casino stuff will be debated in my future blog posts, so stay tuned!

Have a nice day!
Best wishes from Frida.