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More funny slots

The slot Jack and the beanstalk. Picture from NetEnt

The slot Jack and the beanstalk. Picture from NetEnt

Today I will continue where I left off in the last blog post about theme slots. In the last blog post I wrote about christmas slots, slots with a historic or mythologically theme and slots with comic book characters. This time I will tell you a little about movie slots, animal slots, fairytale slots and maybe some other slots with fun themes.

There are several movie slots to choose among in the casinos. An old one is Scarface, based on the film with the same name with Al Pacino in the lead. The slot starts with clips from the movie and contains both bonus game and freespins. I really like when you hear the music from the movie, then you get in a special mood :).

Aliens is another movie slot. This one also starts with a sequence from the movie before you come to the game. It´s really common that movie slots contains clips or sequences from the movie. In Aliens you can win up to 570 000 coins and it contains an advanced bonus game where you can climb in levels by manage the levels step by step.

Other movie slots is Frankenstein, The Dark Knight, Gladiator and Rocky. There are also some slots based on TV-series, for example two versions of South Park and a slot about Game of Thrones.

Frankenstein, from Net Ent, was one of the first slot I was playing when I created my first gambling account at a online casino. I really liked the slot and won a lot. Not only was the slot really good looking and great sound effects, but it also had this amazing wild function where one wild spread out and filled half the wheels, which means big earnings to you. This was the first slot where I managed to wager free spins, and even though I did not win that much it was a fun experience to win free money.

The South Park slots is also a favorite of my, maybe because I really like South Park. South Park is a really fun serie and it gets more fun to play a slot when you smile only by thinking of Cartmans bad jokes or his disturbing voice or other moments or episodes from this crazy serie. I know I should not laugh but I always do when I see the intro film when Kenny dies when pulling a slot machine, so typical South Park. The game also has four funny bonus games, which I really enjoy a lot, Cartmans, Kennys, Stans and Kyles bonus games, one for the main characters of this serie. This slot also has three mini feature games, with special wilds for each of these games. This slot really offers a lot of different gameplay and that is why I am not getting bored that easily, like other slots where you are only doing the same thing over and over again with only one boring bonus game, try Blood Suckers and you know what I mean.

As I mentioned earlier, Quickspin is a game developer that have produced several slots based on traditional fairytales. One of them is Goldilocks and the wildbears, another is Big Bad Wolf. A very popular fairttale slot is Jack and the Beanstalk from Net Entertainment, a really good looking slot which gets you in a good mood, and where you can collect keys to get better wilds. Spin three treasure chest and get 10 freespins with walking wilds that can be converted to stacked wilds if you collect enough keys during the freespins. I like when you get rewarded for playing much on a slot, especially one that I really enjoy playing either way :).

When it comes to animal slots, frogs is a common theme in slots. There are at least three slots with frog theme: Mr Toad, Royal Frog and Super Lucky Frog. Both Mr Toad and Super Lucky Frog contains progressive jackpots.

If you like cats the slot Kitty Glitter from game developer IGT is an alternative, Cats is another. In cats the symbols is wild cats like lions, tigers and panters while the symbols in Kitty Glitter makes up of house pet cats. A third slot with cat theme is Catwalk, in this slot the symbols contains of fashion and cats in sassy outfits.

Theme slots


Picture of Hall of Gods from NetEnt

Theme slots – I love them! Almost every new slot have a theme, it can be a fairytaile, a movie, something from the nature like dogs or birds or a slot with a holiday theme. In the early days the slot machines had fruits, gemstones, bar symbols and sevens on the reels. These days are now long gone and instead there are a bunch of slot themes to choose among.

However, sometimes new slots comes with a nostalgic theme inspired of the old playmachines with fruits and bar symbols. Two of them are Starburst and Twin Spin from Net Entertainment. Both slots are very popular. They are like old slots with a modern twist!

I am particularly fond of slots with a holiday theme, like christmas-, halloween- and easter slots. They get me in the right mood for the holidays. There are several christmas slots to choose between, for example Santas Wild Ride, a slot with a modern twist where santa delivers his christmas gift with a motorcycle. Another slot is Xmas Joker from the game developer Play n GO. It has a more traditional christmas theme than Santas Wild Ride with pretty christmas decorations as symbols and cozy music with bells ringing in the background. However, I find it kind of boring and unmodern. But there are many more christmas slots out there to choose between, so try them and find your favourite.

A very common theme in slots are roman and egyptian history and slots based on mythology. One of my favourite slots in this category is Thunderstruck 2 from Microgaming. Here you can meet Thor, Loke, Oden and Valkyria from the nordic mythology. The slot is very graphically advanced and is surprisingly fun to play. There is a randomly activated bonus game called thunderstorm, when the thunderstorm kicks in you can get whole wheels full of wild symbols, which in turn means huge win! You can also win freespins in the slot Thunderstruck 2.

Hall of Gods is a jackpot slot from Net Entertainment that also have a nordic mythology theme. Here is Thor and his hammer in focus and Oden and his ravens. Mega Moolah Isis is another slot with jackpot that has a mythology theme. In this slot the theme is the godess Isis.

Playtech has a collection of Marvel-slots, slots that are based on the classic comic books from the publishinh house Marvel. They have produced slots with the comic characters Spiderman, Blade, The Avengers, Iron Man, Fantasic Four and a couple of more comic characters. All these slots are connected to a jackpot called Marvel-jackpot that can get really high.

Quickspin is another game developer, one of their first slots was Rapunzels Tower based on the classic fairytale about Rapunzel. They have continued in that direction and launched slots like Goldilocks and the wildbears, the big bad wolf and the three musketeers. They have also made a lot of games in other themes too, but the fairytale slots I think are very much the soul of Quickspin. You can find some of the games made by Quickspin at Unibet. You can try them for free if you´re interested, and you don´t even have to log in to the casino. It´s very practical I think.

As you understand, there are a lot of theme slots out there and I haven´t even mentioned one percent of them. Maybe I get back to this interesting subject sometimes! It´s very fun to stick to a theme during a gambling session!

How to learn casino games

casino-chipsWhat´s the best way to learn new casino games? I think there are several answers to that question. But it´s always recommendable to read the information text in the game. Then you get to know the specific rules for the game you have choosen to play. Sometimes the rules varies a bit between the games, and it´s always good to know all the details about the game.

You can either start the learning process with reading the information text about the game or start the learning process with a research on google. On the web you can find several websites that describes specific games and explain the rules in a simple way, one of them is Often are these guides easier to understand than the information text about the games, and therefore it can be easier to start the learning process with a google research and then move over to the information text.

Youtube is another tips. On youtube you can find many game instruction videos from which you can learn various casino games. I really recommend these videos for those who shall visit a land based casino for the first time because the video show more than how to play the game, in the video you also see how to place your bets and how the dealer acts. On a land based casino the security are very high and there are a lot of rules about what you can and can not do, on the casino floor or when your are at a table. I can also recommend youtube if you´re curious about a new videoslot.

Many game developers publish informative advertising movies for new slots that you can look at and see if you like them or not. One of the best things with these videos are that you often can see the bonusgame or the freespin mode, which you probably already has noticed, rarely show up when you play for real money or with play money in the demo mode. There are many slots to choose from these days and the demo mode is a great way to test out the games without spending any money, so if you don’t like the a slot you can always move on without spending a cent.

Books is also a good source to knowledge about casino games. There are books about specific casino games or general casino books that discusses many casino games in brief. Even though you can test a casino game in a demo mode or see a Youtube video how to play the game, there are much more to know about the games. Many of the casino games have advanced strategy guides you should follow to play the game effectively so you have a better chance of winning. In depths books are therefore a really good way to learn how to play a casino game better. Some games like roulette has no real effective strategy, even though there are some you can follow, but in some variations of black jack you can even get an average winning percent which is over 100 procent of your betting amount, if you play the game perfectly.

Oh, I almost forgot! I promised to tell you about my last gambling session when I tried roulette in a mobile casino for the first time. I was out of luck unfortunately and when I ended the session I had lost €3. But it was really fun to play in my smartphone and it all went very smooth and my old phone behaved perfectly and managed to handle all the graphics in the game.

Betting systems

When I play roulette I use a gambling system called the Martingale System. Then you double your bet everytime you loose until you win again. For example, I bet €1 and loose, then I bet €2 next time. If I loose again I bet €4 next round. If I win then, I go back to my usual betting size of €1.

The Martingale system is quite popular among roulette players I think. Among Black Jack players the Paroli system is one of the gambling systems that are most frequently used.

The Paroli system is a kind of reversed version of the Martingale System. Instead of double up when you loose, with the paroli system you double up when you win. Before you start to gamble you decide how many time you want to double up in a row, for example five times. When you have won five times in a row you start from scratch again with your normal betting size. You do the same thing when you loose, you go back to the starting betting size.

There are several different gambling systems out there. A few of them are: Let it Ride, Labouchere, 1-3-2-6 system.

I would recommend you to use a system that you are comfortable with and that suits your bankroll. Learn more about betting systems at this information site about gambling. There you can read about betting systems like the Fibonacci System and the 1-3-2-6 system.

When I gamble roulette I often bet at the so called simple chances like red or black, odd or even and high or low numbers. I don´t know how the Martingale system works if you make other sorts of bet at the roulette table, but I guess it don´t work because you would soon be up in a great deal of money if you double up everytime you loose. I mean, sometimes when I bet at the simple chances and use the Martingale system I hit the table limit. I think that would happen all the time if you bet at a single number or any other bet with high odds.

I think it´s kind of important to say that a betting system is not something that guarantees that you are winning. Remember that! Some people think it is, but as I always say, if something sounds too good it´s often too good to be true.

Now shall I play roulette! For the first time I shall try to play roulette in the mobile casino, I hope my old smartphone are good enough to handle the game. I will start betting €0,5 and use the Martingale system. I hope I will have a lucky and a fun time at the table. After that I have to go to work. In my next post I will tell you about how it all worked out and if I had a winning session or not. So please continue to read my blog and if you want to read about something special or ask anything just send me an e-mail.

Crazy roulette bet

Pretend that you sell everything you have, even your jacket that you had when you arrived to the casino. Then you bet all money on red at the roulette table. A scary thought isn´t it?

The thing is that this has happend for real. A man named Ashley Revell sold everything he had and put all the money at risk in roulette in front of the TV cameras. His parents wasn´t to happy about it, especially when he sold his part in the family business to gamble with the money.

Everything went well for Revell and he won back his money and twice as much. In the las minute he changed his mind from black to red he told media afterwards. The whole drama is immortalized in a youtube clip which you can see down below if you´re curious.

The matter with bets of this size is that it´s also a risk for the casino. Not all casino allow these kind of bets because it´s to much of a gamble for them. I guess that when they do allow these bets it´s also a PR-trick that gives them free publicity.

I don´t think something similar ever has happend at an online casino. But it would be really interesting to know if it has. Mayby they have opened an exclusive roulette table at the live casino for a VIP high roller that wanted to gamble over the table limits? I don´t know but it would certainly be interesting to know 🙂

The bet everything you have is for sure a spectacular thing. And in the case above everything turned out well for the gambler, but what if it hadn´t? It´s not a fun thought.

If you put everything at risk, which number would you choose? I would bet at number 1, 7 or 14. I can´t choose! But they have one thing in common, they´re all red numbers, so I would definitly bet on red if I ever get the crazy idea to put everything I have at risk on a roulette wheel. I do really hope that I never have such a crazy moment though.

A golden rule in the casino business is to never gamble with money you can´t afford to loose, that will almost always end up in a catastrophe and  you should never put yourself in that position. I advise you to read my simple guide with great casino rules that you should follow if you wan´t to be a responsible player.

My favorite game – roulette!

roulette-1003120_960_720Roulette – my favourite casino game! It´s a game of chance, at least for the most of us. For one man and his assistants it was a game they wanted to turn into a money machine to every prize. They put such an effort to crack the game that they spent years in preparations and studies until they had figured it all out and was ready to skin the casino.

The mastermind behind the plan was a man named Joseph Jagger. He figured out that if he could find an askew roulettewheel, he could take advantage of that to figure out on which numbers the ball most often landed. Said and done, after a couple of years of studiying roulette wheels the plan was set into action.

Everything worked out accordingly to the plan for a couple of days until the casino understood something fishy was going on. They then switched places of the roulette tables, but soon Mr Jagger found his golden wheel again and continued to cash in until the casino made the final draw that stopped his winning sessions. They started to rotate the numbers on the wheel instead, which made it impossible for Mr Jagger to know which numbers the ball most likely would land on.

This story is just one example of many about people that have tried to overcome the game of chance. Throughout the casino history people have tried to cheat and manipulate the games to their own favour. Some, like Jagger, have instead used the inbuilt weakness in the game for making money.

The casinos are ofcourse very well aware of this and are always on guard. In a landbased casino there is surveillence cameras everywhere to make sure there´s no cheating going on. That´s also why casinos don´t allow you to give your bet to the dealers hand, instead you should place the bet on the table. That´s to make sure no foul play between dealers and casino players take place.

If someone tries to convince you that they have the perfect strategy for winning at roulette, then you should be on your guard because there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. Then the casinos would have stopped offering the game for a long time ago since they don´t want to loose money.

As I said before, the history are full of interesting cheating histories and maybe I will tell you more about them in another post. If you are interested in this subject I recommend the old fictive tv-serie Las Vegas. The Las Vegas serie I really fell for was the one when you could follow the security behind the scene and how they are working to make sure no one at the casino are cheating. In every episode some new drama, often kinda funny, happens and you will the follow how the security and surveillance team are handling the situation.

I think you can buy the tv-serie as a dvd-box at the Internet if you are interested. One of the main actors in the serie is Josh Duhamel.

Jackpot – fact and records!

What would you do if you won a signifcant sum of money? I think that´s a question we all have asked ourselfs and fantasized about. We imagine how we would travel, invest in a home, save some money and maybe share some of the money with the near and the dear. I guess that´s what most of us plan to do with a life changing sum of money. But of course some of us have far more exotic and interesting plans for a large win.

I myself could imagine buying an luxurious boat, starting an own jewelry brand and try expensive food restaurants! I would really like to visit a guide michelin restaurant sometime. It would also be nice to buy some nice art like paintings and small sculptures. But these are only a couple of dreams, and you always have to dream!

In a casino you´re surrounded by large jackpots. In january 2013 a new online slot jackpot record was set. The slot machine Mega Fortune from Net Enterainment paid out the largest online jackpot ever to a player at the bookmaker Paf. The jackpot win was over €15 million and went to a finnish player. Last year the record was taken over by the slot Mega Moolah that paid out over €17,8 million to a winner at Betway. You can read more about that at guinness world records website.

After mobile casino was introduced at the market there has also been a couple of people who have won a big jackpot while they where playing at their smartphone. What a chocking thing to win a significant of money while enjoying yourself while you are waiting for an airplane or something

In a casino the jackpots at slots often holds the largest win amounts. There are a number of different jackpot slots out there, but Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods and Arabien Nights are all jackpot slots that have paid out large jackpot wins containing millions of euros.
Hitting a jackpot is of course really unlikely and the probability very small. But if you want to give it a try anyway there´s a thing you should know first. Many of the slots with jackpots have rules regarding how much you have to bet per spinn to have a chance to win the jackpot. In many slots you have to bet the maximum bet to compete for the jackpot. Information about this should be found in the information section for the slot. Read it and if you don´t want to bet enough to compete for the jackpot, then choose another slot. Otherwise you will only contribute to the jackpot but without having a chance to win it.

If you are interested in learning more about Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah you can read more about them at the swedish site You can also read more information about jackpots at this website and read reviews about online casinos. I always recommend people to learn more about the jackpot games they are about to play before they start.