Crazy roulette bet

Pretend that you sell everything you have, even your jacket that you had when you arrived to the casino. Then you bet all money on red at the roulette table. A scary thought isn´t it?

The thing is that this has happend for real. A man named Ashley Revell sold everything he had and put all the money at risk in roulette in front of the TV cameras. His parents wasn´t to happy about it, especially when he sold his part in the family business to gamble with the money.

Everything went well for Revell and he won back his money and twice as much. In the las minute he changed his mind from black to red he told media afterwards. The whole drama is immortalized in a youtube clip which you can see down below if you´re curious.

The matter with bets of this size is that it´s also a risk for the casino. Not all casino allow these kind of bets because it´s to much of a gamble for them. I guess that when they do allow these bets it´s also a PR-trick that gives them free publicity.

I don´t think something similar ever has happend at an online casino. But it would be really interesting to know if it has. Mayby they have opened an exclusive roulette table at the live casino for a VIP high roller that wanted to gamble over the table limits? I don´t know but it would certainly be interesting to know 🙂

The bet everything you have is for sure a spectacular thing. And in the case above everything turned out well for the gambler, but what if it hadn´t? It´s not a fun thought.

If you put everything at risk, which number would you choose? I would bet at number 1, 7 or 14. I can´t choose! But they have one thing in common, they´re all red numbers, so I would definitly bet on red if I ever get the crazy idea to put everything I have at risk on a roulette wheel. I do really hope that I never have such a crazy moment though.

A golden rule in the casino business is to never gamble with money you can´t afford to loose, that will almost always end up in a catastrophe and  you should never put yourself in that position. I advise you to read my simple guide with great casino rules that you should follow if you wan´t to be a responsible player.