About me


My name is Frida and I am a casual casino player that wants to share my casino experiences with you on this blog. I started to play casino for about six months ago after a visit at a land based casino at Malta on a vacation trip. It was my friend who introduced me to the casinoworld and taught me how to play black jack. It was really fun and I had a very nice moment at the black jack table where the dealer and the other players offered many laughs and game tips.

When I came back home to France I decided to try to play at an online casino because there´s no land based casinos nearby. I have now tried most of the common casino games like slots, videopoker, craps, roulette and bingo. I still enjoy playing black jack but my new favourite game is roulette.

I really love the thrilling moment when you wait for the ball to land at a number on the wheel! It´s also fun to play roulette online because you can play by yourself or via a live dealer in a live casino. In the live casino you can speak with the dealer and have a nice social moment with other players, almost like in a real casino.

I visit my online casino approximately 1-2 times a week for a nice time of gambling. I am a bit superstitius when I gamble, I must where my lucky ring for an example. Another example is that I must stop gambling if someone calls my phone as that means bad luck. I know it is ridiculously, but I can´t help it! I also know that I´m not alone with these superstitius ideas, there´s a whole lot of gamblers out there with there own recipies for luck and maybe I post a text about fun superstitius rituals in gambling.