Casino rules

When you gamble there is a few things you should have in mind. In this text I will list dos and donts for a casino player.


  • Choose a reliable casino with a good reputation if you want to play with real money.
  • Search for a casino that have nice welcome offers and bargain campaigns that for example gives you freespins, bonus money and ability to participate in competitions and tournaments
  • Think about what you want to play, and look for a bookmaker that fullfill your requirements. For example, some bookmakers offers both odds, poker and casino while others only offer casino games. Select the operator that provides all the games you´re interested in.
  • Determin a bankroll limit, and don´t exceed it
  • Learn the game you want to play before you start to gamble with real money, most casinos provide demo games that you can use for learning.
  • Choose the games with the best odds, look at the information section at the games for payout information.
  • Set up a time limit for your gambling session and don´t play longer than that.
  • If you play a game where there is strategies that improve your odds, for example black jack and videopoker, learn the strategy so you don´t get worse odds.


  • Don´t play for more money than you can afford to loose, and don´t borrow money for gambling. That´s a big nono.
  • Don´t play online when you´re drunk
  • Don´t play if you are underaged
  • Don´t go in the trap and think that if you loose this time, you will win the next round. Casino gambling is totally unpredictable and almost always a game totally build upon chance.

Follow these simple guidlines when you gamble to be on the safe side. I also think you will have much more fun if you follow these rules.