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As you guys already know I am a huge fan of freespins! But hey, how can you not love freespins? If you as I love gaming you’re probably a succer for freespins. Anything else isn’t possible. But to me, it’s an excellent way to make the slot a bit more exciting and entertaining. As I’ve written before the wins are often higher in freespins mode and when a new slot is being released it’s common that you’re given freespins for trying out the new slot. Big gaming companies like Net Entertainment, Microgaming and other are good at handling out freespins with new releases. Since almost every slot machine contains freespins I’ve had a love for this since I can remember. So many times I’ve been in need of a little extra money and tried out the luck at the slots, and so many times I’ve won. That’s the best part of playing, don’t you think?

On the subject, I found a great new website I’ll tell you a bit about, it’s a website focusing on freespins, bonuses and new slots. Can that be why I like it so much? Probably. They say it’s a new casino guide for UK gamblers. At the site they have collected a lot of good-to-know-info on how to get the most out of your gaming. The write about the best online casinos and gives you reviews about slots. It’s high level information and it doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or an experienced casino player. Either way you’ll find the best of the best here.

What I like the most is all the latest offers from the online casinos and the best news. This is for example where I found out about the new Net Entertainment slot ”Secrets of Atlantis” which I tried after reading about it at the freespins365 website. It’s a really great slot, try it!

Since I don’t want to sound like an ad for the website I need something negative to say and if I have to say something I’d say they could be a bit more frequently updates. I would like to have news 24/7… So more news would be the one thing I would ask them to improve. As it is today they’re updating with the latest news maybe 3-4 times per week. They could update every day I’d say. But that’s the only thing I would like to mention if I had to say something that’s not only positive.

One thing that is perfect is the design. The graphic is nice and stylish and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. If you want to read about the latest news it’s easy to spot and if you want to visit your favourite casino it’s easy to find your way in. Not a lot of online casino sites that’s well made. It often seems like someones threw it together in 15 minutes maximum. Not good for the industry. However, this site is not another mix-up, it’s a great site! I like it. If you’re like me – a big fan of casino you’ll like this too. It’s all about freespins, bonuses and new fun slots which is what I like the most.

Freespins talk

Freespins – I love them! Both the ones you get from the casino as a gift or a bonus and the ones you can win in slots! I am specially fond of that kind of freespins you can win in slots, because in the freespins mode you often get higher wins than normal, sometimes with added multiplier. For example, in the freespins mode in the slot Victorious all wins under the free spin rounds are muliplied with three! It´s really exciting when I get free spins, since you can win much much more under the free spins round the under your normal game play!

Almost every slot machine contains a chance to win freespin, it´s a very common function in modern video slots like the bonus games that many slots are equipped with. In many slots you can also win more freespins during the freespin mode just to add extra excitement. How you win these free spins can vary, but often when you get three or more scatter symbols. There is usually a manual the will describe how you can get free spins from the slot you are playing.

I also like the freespins that some casinos give their players when a new slot has been released, then I can try the new slot for free and still have a small chance to win real money if I can wager the amount I gain. Freespins offer are often available in conjunction with game releases from Net Entertainment. So keep eyes and ears open for good freespin campaigns when a new net ent slot has been released.

One thing regarding freespins that you always shall bear in mind is that almost every freespins offer has a wager demand on the win amount you collect from the freespins. The wager demand is often around 35 times the win, which means that if you win €10 you have to wager that amount 35 times which means that you have to play for €350 before you can whitdraw the money from the casino. As you understand the gain from the freespins will soon be gone, but if you are lucky you can hit a big win during the wagering process which helps you play longer.

The wagering requirement only applies to the freespins you receive as a gift from the casino.

To sum it up, free spins are a easy and free way to test out new slots you are interested in or a chance for you to win some extra money when playing a slot. The wager demand can some times be kinda rough but you will have fun all the way anyways, and without spending any cash at all (this is the best part :)).

I must tell you. At one time when I created a account at a online casino and got 200 free spins right away and I won €100! Money I could withdraw right away and spend in any way I wish! Now I am always on the lookout for any free spins campaign where you can get some extra free spins when doing a deposal or when I see a new online casino that looks interesting. I know gambling is not always the best way to earn some money, but it is so fun and exciting I can’t hold back.

More funny slots

The slot Jack and the beanstalk. Picture from NetEnt

The slot Jack and the beanstalk. Picture from NetEnt

Today I will continue where I left off in the last blog post about theme slots. In the last blog post I wrote about christmas slots, slots with a historic or mythologically theme and slots with comic book characters. This time I will tell you a little about movie slots, animal slots, fairytale slots and maybe some other slots with fun themes.

There are several movie slots to choose among in the casinos. An old one is Scarface, based on the film with the same name with Al Pacino in the lead. The slot starts with clips from the movie and contains both bonus game and freespins. I really like when you hear the music from the movie, then you get in a special mood :).

Aliens is another movie slot. This one also starts with a sequence from the movie before you come to the game. It´s really common that movie slots contains clips or sequences from the movie. In Aliens you can win up to 570 000 coins and it contains an advanced bonus game where you can climb in levels by manage the levels step by step.

Other movie slots is Frankenstein, The Dark Knight, Gladiator and Rocky. There are also some slots based on TV-series, for example two versions of South Park and a slot about Game of Thrones.

Frankenstein, from Net Ent, was one of the first slot I was playing when I created my first gambling account at a online casino. I really liked the slot and won a lot. Not only was the slot really good looking and great sound effects, but it also had this amazing wild function where one wild spread out and filled half the wheels, which means big earnings to you. This was the first slot where I managed to wager free spins, and even though I did not win that much it was a fun experience to win free money.

The South Park slots is also a favorite of my, maybe because I really like South Park. South Park is a really fun serie and it gets more fun to play a slot when you smile only by thinking of Cartmans bad jokes or his disturbing voice or other moments or episodes from this crazy serie. I know I should not laugh but I always do when I see the intro film when Kenny dies when pulling a slot machine, so typical South Park. The game also has four funny bonus games, which I really enjoy a lot, Cartmans, Kennys, Stans and Kyles bonus games, one for the main characters of this serie. This slot also has three mini feature games, with special wilds for each of these games. This slot really offers a lot of different gameplay and that is why I am not getting bored that easily, like other slots where you are only doing the same thing over and over again with only one boring bonus game, try Blood Suckers and you know what I mean.

As I mentioned earlier, Quickspin is a game developer that have produced several slots based on traditional fairytales. One of them is Goldilocks and the wildbears, another is Big Bad Wolf. A very popular fairttale slot is Jack and the Beanstalk from Net Entertainment, a really good looking slot which gets you in a good mood, and where you can collect keys to get better wilds. Spin three treasure chest and get 10 freespins with walking wilds that can be converted to stacked wilds if you collect enough keys during the freespins. I like when you get rewarded for playing much on a slot, especially one that I really enjoy playing either way :).

When it comes to animal slots, frogs is a common theme in slots. There are at least three slots with frog theme: Mr Toad, Royal Frog and Super Lucky Frog. Both Mr Toad and Super Lucky Frog contains progressive jackpots.

If you like cats the slot Kitty Glitter from game developer IGT is an alternative, Cats is another. In cats the symbols is wild cats like lions, tigers and panters while the symbols in Kitty Glitter makes up of house pet cats. A third slot with cat theme is Catwalk, in this slot the symbols contains of fashion and cats in sassy outfits.

How to learn casino games

casino-chipsWhat´s the best way to learn new casino games? I think there are several answers to that question. But it´s always recommendable to read the information text in the game. Then you get to know the specific rules for the game you have choosen to play. Sometimes the rules varies a bit between the games, and it´s always good to know all the details about the game.

You can either start the learning process with reading the information text about the game or start the learning process with a research on google. On the web you can find several websites that describes specific games and explain the rules in a simple way, one of them is Often are these guides easier to understand than the information text about the games, and therefore it can be easier to start the learning process with a google research and then move over to the information text.

Youtube is another tips. On youtube you can find many game instruction videos from which you can learn various casino games. I really recommend these videos for those who shall visit a land based casino for the first time because the video show more than how to play the game, in the video you also see how to place your bets and how the dealer acts. On a land based casino the security are very high and there are a lot of rules about what you can and can not do, on the casino floor or when your are at a table. I can also recommend youtube if you´re curious about a new videoslot.

Many game developers publish informative advertising movies for new slots that you can look at and see if you like them or not. One of the best things with these videos are that you often can see the bonusgame or the freespin mode, which you probably already has noticed, rarely show up when you play for real money or with play money in the demo mode. There are many slots to choose from these days and the demo mode is a great way to test out the games without spending any money, so if you don’t like the a slot you can always move on without spending a cent.

Books is also a good source to knowledge about casino games. There are books about specific casino games or general casino books that discusses many casino games in brief. Even though you can test a casino game in a demo mode or see a Youtube video how to play the game, there are much more to know about the games. Many of the casino games have advanced strategy guides you should follow to play the game effectively so you have a better chance of winning. In depths books are therefore a really good way to learn how to play a casino game better. Some games like roulette has no real effective strategy, even though there are some you can follow, but in some variations of black jack you can even get an average winning percent which is over 100 procent of your betting amount, if you play the game perfectly.

Oh, I almost forgot! I promised to tell you about my last gambling session when I tried roulette in a mobile casino for the first time. I was out of luck unfortunately and when I ended the session I had lost €3. But it was really fun to play in my smartphone and it all went very smooth and my old phone behaved perfectly and managed to handle all the graphics in the game.

My first live casino experience!

Now I have tried to play live casino on Internet. I played both roulette and black jack, but to be honest, most of the time I just watched the game because it´s quite expensive to bet in the live casino. The minimum bet is much higher than in the ordinary online casino. The maximum bet is also much higher than in the ordinary casino, I think you could bet up to half a million euro at the VIP roulette table and up to €5000 at black jack.

I think it was most fun to watch the black jack. It was almost like in a real casino where the dealers shows their hands infront of the camera and for the players to show that they dont´t have any hidden cards. It was also fun to see how they shuffle the card decks. They had a special person who had the task to walk between the tables and shuffle the cards. But I think some live casinos use card shuffle machines.

I´ve read about a special campaign you sometimes can find in the live casinos. During the campaign they have shuffled in special cards in the deck, and if you get one of these special cards you win a cash prize! I will keep an eye open and look for those campaigns. I think I will give it a try then.

One thing that was irritating when I played in the live casino was that the live stream was chopping. Then I failed to see which cards was dealt, and that spoiled the trhilling moment. Luckily the stream worked out well most of the time so I could enjoy the game. I think you really have to have a good Internet access if you want to play live casino.

Most online casinos offer live casino to their customers, so it´s not hard to find a live casino if you are interested in trying. In the video clip below you can see a film about how it´s working.

Slot developers

Did you know that Net Entertainment, the developer of casino games, is a Swedish company? Well, it is and it has a long history of developing casino games for the online market. The jackpot slot Mega Fortune became world famous in 2013 when it payed out a gigantic jackpot worth over €15 million I think. Other well known Net Ent slots is Gonzos Quest, Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk and Hall of Gods.

Net Entertainment isn´t the only swedish game developer. Other companys I can think of is Quickspin, Play n GO and Thunderkick. Quickspin is the company behind the slots based on classic fairytales like Goldilock and the wildbears and Big Bad Wolf. I personally really enjoy their fairy tale slots, but I don´t like their other more modern video slots so much.

When Thunderkick launched their first slot I thought it was a fresh addition to the range of casino games. Their games reminds a bit of the games from quickspin and Net Entertainment, but still not. They have a modern stripped down feeling that I like. One of my favourite slots from Thunderkick is Birds on a Wire.

I like trying new slots and sometimes I look into the casino and open up games that I haven´t played earlier. Sometimes I find new favourites, like the slot Victorious from Net Ent. But most of the slots are quite uninteresting according to me.

New slots are also released quite regularly, so it´s hard to find time to try both the new ones and the older slots. My priority is to try the new games, especially when they are released with a campaign I find interesting. The best campaigns is when you get free spins on the new game, then you can try it for free and still win money if you are lucky. Some casinos use to launch new slots with a casino tournament, normally I am not fond of that because it use to only premiere the players that plays the most. But there are exceptions so it´s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions for the tournament before you dismiss it.

My first blog post

This is a blog about casino gambling, a hobby that I share with thousands of people around the world! In this blog I will share my best tips, tell funny casino stories and write about my favourite games. I hope you will find it worth reading!

Gambling has a long history, and people have probably always been gambling in one way or another. Most of us do also gamble on a regular basis, we make a bet with a friend about things, challenge each other with money at stake and so on. It really seems that we humans like to gamble! And with that in mind it´s not that odd that there´s a huge range of casino websites on the Internet that compete for customers.

For about six months ago I became one of these customers when I signed up at an online casino. Since then I have learned a lot about casino games and the casino buisness and in this blog I also want to share my experiences and thoughts about gambling with you.

Today the casino market really is the customers paradise. There´s a number of different casinos to choose amongst and there are many more casino games to botanize among. In other words that means you have a good chance to find both a casino that suites you and a casino game that you really like.

For me personally roulette is one of my absolute favourite game, but I also love a few slot machines. One of them is Jack and the Beanstalk, based on the fairytale with the same name. But more about this and other casino stuff will be debated in my future blog posts, so stay tuned!

Have a nice day!
Best wishes from Frida.