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Betting systems

When I play roulette I use a gambling system called the Martingale System. Then you double your bet everytime you loose until you win again. For example, I bet €1 and loose, then I bet €2 next time. If I loose again I bet €4 next round. If I win then, I go back to my usual betting size of €1.

The Martingale system is quite popular among roulette players I think. Among Black Jack players the Paroli system is one of the gambling systems that are most frequently used.

The Paroli system is a kind of reversed version of the Martingale System. Instead of double up when you loose, with the paroli system you double up when you win. Before you start to gamble you decide how many time you want to double up in a row, for example five times. When you have won five times in a row you start from scratch again with your normal betting size. You do the same thing when you loose, you go back to the starting betting size.

There are several different gambling systems out there. A few of them are: Let it Ride, Labouchere, 1-3-2-6 system.

I would recommend you to use a system that you are comfortable with and that suits your bankroll. Learn more about betting systems at this information site about gambling. There you can read about betting systems like the Fibonacci System and the 1-3-2-6 system.

When I gamble roulette I often bet at the so called simple chances like red or black, odd or even and high or low numbers. I don´t know how the Martingale system works if you make other sorts of bet at the roulette table, but I guess it don´t work because you would soon be up in a great deal of money if you double up everytime you loose. I mean, sometimes when I bet at the simple chances and use the Martingale system I hit the table limit. I think that would happen all the time if you bet at a single number or any other bet with high odds.

I think it´s kind of important to say that a betting system is not something that guarantees that you are winning. Remember that! Some people think it is, but as I always say, if something sounds too good it´s often too good to be true.

Now shall I play roulette! For the first time I shall try to play roulette in the mobile casino, I hope my old smartphone are good enough to handle the game. I will start betting €0,5 and use the Martingale system. I hope I will have a lucky and a fun time at the table. After that I have to go to work. In my next post I will tell you about how it all worked out and if I had a winning session or not. So please continue to read my blog and if you want to read about something special or ask anything just send me an e-mail.

Crazy roulette bet

Pretend that you sell everything you have, even your jacket that you had when you arrived to the casino. Then you bet all money on red at the roulette table. A scary thought isn´t it?

The thing is that this has happend for real. A man named Ashley Revell sold everything he had and put all the money at risk in roulette in front of the TV cameras. His parents wasn´t to happy about it, especially when he sold his part in the family business to gamble with the money.

Everything went well for Revell and he won back his money and twice as much. In the las minute he changed his mind from black to red he told media afterwards. The whole drama is immortalized in a youtube clip which you can see down below if you´re curious.

The matter with bets of this size is that it´s also a risk for the casino. Not all casino allow these kind of bets because it´s to much of a gamble for them. I guess that when they do allow these bets it´s also a PR-trick that gives them free publicity.

I don´t think something similar ever has happend at an online casino. But it would be really interesting to know if it has. Mayby they have opened an exclusive roulette table at the live casino for a VIP high roller that wanted to gamble over the table limits? I don´t know but it would certainly be interesting to know 🙂

The bet everything you have is for sure a spectacular thing. And in the case above everything turned out well for the gambler, but what if it hadn´t? It´s not a fun thought.

If you put everything at risk, which number would you choose? I would bet at number 1, 7 or 14. I can´t choose! But they have one thing in common, they´re all red numbers, so I would definitly bet on red if I ever get the crazy idea to put everything I have at risk on a roulette wheel. I do really hope that I never have such a crazy moment though.

A golden rule in the casino business is to never gamble with money you can´t afford to loose, that will almost always end up in a catastrophe and  you should never put yourself in that position. I advise you to read my simple guide with great casino rules that you should follow if you wan´t to be a responsible player.

My favorite game – roulette!

roulette-1003120_960_720Roulette – my favourite casino game! It´s a game of chance, at least for the most of us. For one man and his assistants it was a game they wanted to turn into a money machine to every prize. They put such an effort to crack the game that they spent years in preparations and studies until they had figured it all out and was ready to skin the casino.

The mastermind behind the plan was a man named Joseph Jagger. He figured out that if he could find an askew roulettewheel, he could take advantage of that to figure out on which numbers the ball most often landed. Said and done, after a couple of years of studiying roulette wheels the plan was set into action.

Everything worked out accordingly to the plan for a couple of days until the casino understood something fishy was going on. They then switched places of the roulette tables, but soon Mr Jagger found his golden wheel again and continued to cash in until the casino made the final draw that stopped his winning sessions. They started to rotate the numbers on the wheel instead, which made it impossible for Mr Jagger to know which numbers the ball most likely would land on.

This story is just one example of many about people that have tried to overcome the game of chance. Throughout the casino history people have tried to cheat and manipulate the games to their own favour. Some, like Jagger, have instead used the inbuilt weakness in the game for making money.

The casinos are ofcourse very well aware of this and are always on guard. In a landbased casino there is surveillence cameras everywhere to make sure there´s no cheating going on. That´s also why casinos don´t allow you to give your bet to the dealers hand, instead you should place the bet on the table. That´s to make sure no foul play between dealers and casino players take place.

If someone tries to convince you that they have the perfect strategy for winning at roulette, then you should be on your guard because there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. Then the casinos would have stopped offering the game for a long time ago since they don´t want to loose money.

As I said before, the history are full of interesting cheating histories and maybe I will tell you more about them in another post. If you are interested in this subject I recommend the old fictive tv-serie Las Vegas. The Las Vegas serie I really fell for was the one when you could follow the security behind the scene and how they are working to make sure no one at the casino are cheating. In every episode some new drama, often kinda funny, happens and you will the follow how the security and surveillance team are handling the situation.

I think you can buy the tv-serie as a dvd-box at the Internet if you are interested. One of the main actors in the serie is Josh Duhamel.

My first live casino experience!

Now I have tried to play live casino on Internet. I played both roulette and black jack, but to be honest, most of the time I just watched the game because it´s quite expensive to bet in the live casino. The minimum bet is much higher than in the ordinary online casino. The maximum bet is also much higher than in the ordinary casino, I think you could bet up to half a million euro at the VIP roulette table and up to €5000 at black jack.

I think it was most fun to watch the black jack. It was almost like in a real casino where the dealers shows their hands infront of the camera and for the players to show that they dont´t have any hidden cards. It was also fun to see how they shuffle the card decks. They had a special person who had the task to walk between the tables and shuffle the cards. But I think some live casinos use card shuffle machines.

I´ve read about a special campaign you sometimes can find in the live casinos. During the campaign they have shuffled in special cards in the deck, and if you get one of these special cards you win a cash prize! I will keep an eye open and look for those campaigns. I think I will give it a try then.

One thing that was irritating when I played in the live casino was that the live stream was chopping. Then I failed to see which cards was dealt, and that spoiled the trhilling moment. Luckily the stream worked out well most of the time so I could enjoy the game. I think you really have to have a good Internet access if you want to play live casino.

Most online casinos offer live casino to their customers, so it´s not hard to find a live casino if you are interested in trying. In the video clip below you can see a film about how it´s working.